How to make a SPLASH using the website,!

HEY!! I have just made a tutorial on making splashes using pixlr!!! MAKE SUR TO GIVE THIS A LIKE IF YOU USED THIS METHOD OR HAS HELPED YOU!!!

  1. You have to take screenshots of them in your portal and their actions.
    Steps: First go on your portal

    Second, go in your characters library (This is my cover making story) [Holly is the character] Click on your character, find your action you want them to be doing in the cover. I used Admire so click on the Eye on the left of the animation and her preview will pop up! Take a screenshot of JUST her. For Chromebook click Ctrl, Shift, and the button that has mulitple squares
    Take a screenshot of JUST her. For Chromebook click Ctrl, Shift, and the button that has multiple squares

THEN go to Pixlr.Com this screen will pop up.

Next scroll down and this will show

Click on Editor FIRST!!
This screen will pop up ( click on the blue higlighted button that says (Create new image)

Then this screen will pop up. The area will be automated to a certain one which you will need to change to 640x1136

Then you will be at this stage:

FIRST you want a backgroudn layer FIRST!! Click on file and click Open image as layer
Them your drive of images will pop up. Click on the background you want and click open on the bottom left and this will happen

Now you want to double finger click and ca bar will pop up. you want to click on Free transform
Mess around with the size until you are satisfied. Now, you want to go on google and find a colored background. Save one that you think will look good with the background as this will be the stripe for your Splash. CLick on Layer and Open image as layer. When you have your colored back groun popped up. Double finger click it and press free transform until your splash looks something like this (Not the best) :

Then, you want to add your character (s) so Click on File and CLick on Open Image as LAYER. Your character will pop up.

There is a white background behind it and it can be easily fixed. CLick on this button to the left
Now, click on the chite background. It will highlight the corners.
Press Delete or Back space and it should delete
Now, double finger click on the character and it should pop up options, pick Free Transform.
Place the character wherever you would like. I put mine here.

Now, if you don’t see it, there is still the animation name hidden at the top.
It can be fixed VERY easy. Make sure you are on the layer of the character by looking on the right (if you are on the wrong layer IT MIGHT ERASE SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!)
When you are click on the eraser on the left
Then you can erase it. It should be gone.

Now that you are done with one character and if you want more than one, just repeat these steps!!
Now, you need to add text!! Go to file and click Save:
Now, this will pop up:
Click on Name and Name what you want to name it. Make sure your quality is up to 100%, you want it to look HD. Then click Ok. Your drive will pop up.
Click okay again and it will say Image Saved!!! Good job!! Alright, now you want to go to file and press Exit this time. Now, this will pop up:

PRESS LEAVE!! It’s okay!! It will save!!!
now you are back to the start (which is okay!)

Instead, press EXPRESS when you scroll down!!

This will pop up. Make sure to click Browse.

Your drive shall popup. Click on your Splash and press open on the bottom right corner:
Then this should pop up:

Then on the bottom click type.
Pick your font Type
Then this will pop up:

Pick a font you want to use, the other font you picked was a relateable font

Then add your text where it says, Type your text here …
I typed “My story uses sound! Make sure to turn your phones up!” Obviously you can make it say what ever you want. Around the text, you can adjust the size and rotation of the text!! Click apply when done! You can change colors too!
Then you splash should look something like this!!
You can obviously touch it up a bit like Effect, Overlay, Borders, stickers and even add some more text!!


Thanks!!! I have a cover tutorial too!!

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Thank you so much!!!

Of course!!

I have a question I did click on the new layer but my drive didn’t open why is that??

What exactly do you mean by that xd

I did this…
But this (I mean the picture I wanted didn’t open)