How to make a text overlay with a reader type in choice?

So I don’t usually find myself writing on the forums asking for coding help, but this time, I really don’t know how this works, I’ve never used this feature so please help me.

For example I want to make a text overlay that contains the reader choice of name. Can someone tell me how? I’ve read stories who did this but I just can’t figure this out.

(one more question, if anyone knows how to make it seem like it looks like you’re writing on a search bar, idk how to explain but this is not that important, please help me with this too if u know)

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create text [FIRSTNAME]

OVERLAYNAME = anything you want to name the overlay

[FIRSTNAME] = whatever you use to reference the the reader’s typed in name

Then just animate it how you would a regular overlay. You can also use text effects to change the colour of the text :slight_smile:


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