How to make an edited cover?

I was hoping somebody could help me with sharing how you make your edited covers. I do my own but most of the time the image get pixelated; I think it’s because I do them in my phone. Or is because of the app I use.

I’d love if you help me by giving me tips, ideas, apps or something, plsss.


Af ter I get the desired chacracters. I cut out the characters. You can use either Background Eraser(app) or Ibis Paint X(app). Those are the ones I recommend. Then you get the background and place in in the scene through Ibis Paint X. Then click the T button and add the title and you can play with fonts. If you don’t find anything youl ike for fonts. You can use Phonto. For fonts.

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You take Ss of your character before cutting them?

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Yes, screenshots.

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I use: (and type in the custom dimension) to assemble everything, I use their backgrounds sometimes and fonts as well!

To “cut the characters out” I use: (usually work perfectly! and gets those white lines)

This is the simplest method I have learned for amazing looking backgrounds, covers, & splashes! If you want more help, PM me or visit my shop! :hugs:

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