How to Make an Outline? + Other Questions 🎨

How does one make an outline? Like an outline of an episode character (or more than one) that people can color in and design in outline contests. These people have such gorgeous outlines and I’m wondering how. Also, how would one design and color in these outlines in a realistic manner? What are good art/editing apps/programs to use? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

And another thing! :black_heart:

What are good apps/programs for digital art? :heart:


basicly like this

also I use Krita. its free and really good

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Thank you for the help :blush: :heart:

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I use ibis paint x since it’s easy to use and has alot of good brushes. Me and my friend actaully have a art school and we just gave a tutorial on brushes and things :purple_heart:

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Yes, I just saw, so helpful :joy: :wink: :heart:

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Stabilizer can do wonders to linearts.