How to make an overlay fad out after having it fade in/out INFINITE

So, I’m trying to do it where an overlay fades in/and out while characters speak. So I worked that part out thanks to a Joseph Evans video and someone elses help, but I can’t figure out how to make it fade out… it works when I put @overlay OVERLAYNAME clear but it just poofs…

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opcaity 0 in 1

Yeah I tried that but it didn’t work

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You sure that is how its done. did you come time after?

I had the overlay fade in and it infinite times, and then at the time I need to it stop, I put @overlay OVERLAYNAME 0 in 1
but it didnt work

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What if you clear/remove the overlay?

&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 or 0 in 0.5
CHARACTER (talking_animation)

This should work? Or do you want it looped?

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