How to make background characters look realistic ✨

So I have been on episode for quite some time now, and in most stories, the background characters look tacky and unreal.

Here are my tips on how to make better BG characters!

  • Give them an ethnicity
    When you design a character, you need to know where they are from. I use ethnicity generator websites and then base the character’s look on said ethnicity’s facial features. Like if I make a korean character, I want to see how koreans usually style their hair or do their makeup, or if I make a black character, I mostly give them natural/braided hair, because that is usually the hairstyle I see black passerbys wearing.

  • Give most of them natural hair and eye colors.
    I have seen many stories where the background characters look like they just came out of a Hot Topic store. For example, a black girl with no makeup and brown eyes, but then has a whole damn hair of light pink braids, or pale characters with purple monolid eyes and long blond hair. It looks unreal. Maybe 1/10 people you see on the streets or school have unnatural hair colors, while the mayority have natural colored hair.

  • Their outfits.
    If they are in a club, give them club party outfits, if they are in school, give them comfortable casual outfits, if they are at work, give them a uniform. Also, if some of your BG characters are muslim women who wear a hijab, give them modest clothing, don’t give a character a hijab while having them walking around in a tank top.


That’s pretty useful! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_monocle: :blush:

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I definitely agree! It’s better not to use the random generator from Episode to create background characters.

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yeah DONT

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I tried it and all i got most of the tie was old strange looking men

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