How to make backgrounds?


I just wonder how people do the backgronds and would like to start making my own instead of requesting. I have NO clue how!!!

Could someone please help me and tell me how to make one? Xox


I did these with PicsArt

I Just find a background weather it be from Episode or google then go and find things on google or make my own like the photos in the living room and cut and past! Some times you can get it in PHG and then you don’t have to cut any thing out because it will not have a back ground!


Where do I cut and paste them to?


In picsart it has a cut button in the app and then after you cut it all out go click on your background and then just click add photo and click on the one you cut out and put it were you want.


Okay, thank you!


You’re welcome. YouTube make your own backgrounds there is one were the girl tacks about picsart I can’t remember her name but that’s were I learned how to do it! :slight_smile:


Okay :slightly_smiling_face:




Was I eliminated from the bachelor thing because if there was a challenge I wasn’t there


No you are still in, there is another rose ceremony today I think


I hope we get to spend some more time with each other :heart: