How to make CC character advance

Can anyone help me how to do CC in the middle of the story without change the name and early dress?
I only want CC in the middle of the story.

Check out this on adding CC to your story:

You’d copy the CC template, post it in the middle of your script, change the character’s name to yours by following the instructions on the thread I linked. Also, remember to give credit to @ Dara.Amarie (instructions on how to do so on the thread)

Limited CC is also available ^^

Can go here for it: LIMITED Character Customization Templates & WORKSHOP!

The template doesn’t make a character change their outfits or have an option to name them, so that’s good since you don’t want that in your story.

Good luck and have fun! :black_heart:

thanks I try it out first… ^^

No problem :wink: :orange_heart: