How to make character animations faster?

Hello, I’ve seen this in some stories when a character runs off the screen very fast, as if they have powers of Flash. Not only running but other things, for example coming nearer to other characters e.t.c. But how can I speed’em up?

In limelight, there’s an animation for fast running so I think that’s the thing you’re seeing… I don’t think it’s possible to speed an animation up :thinking:

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Nah, I’m talking about ink animations.

I don’t think it’s possible but you never know :woman_shrugging:

Have you seen fast animations on any ink stories?

Yes, if I didn’t see em I wouldn’t ask.

I’m not sure :thinking:
Are you sure it’s not the animation that’s fast but just the character moving to its next spot really fast

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Oh like running? If that’s the case.

It’s @CHARATER walks to bla bla bla in 0.5

The 0.5 is the fastest (that I know of)

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I also have seen faster animation like in thr story of lady Dianna name deep attraction, malecharacter punches very fast I do want to know that code

But if you are taking about fast moving or walking or running it can be done by adding seconds like @Epi_Info tells

@character walks to spot “”"* in 0.2


Okay, let’s say you want a character in INK to scream faster your gonna put

&CHARACTER is scream
@pause for 0.5

You can put any amount of seconds but from 0.2 to 0.8 is what I would put. Same as for punching you would just put the punching animation instead of the scream. BUT make sure to put & NOT @ or it won’t work


Did it really make our character animation speed up by applying it
& Character is punch
@pause for 0.3

Yes it does.

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Then I’ll definitely try it soon

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If your doing the punch animation and you add that, then the punch is gonna go faster, if you add that to the animation scream the scream will go faster. Sooo ya

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Thanks for helping I will try this soon then share with you

Okay, :black_joker:

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Okay, understood. Thank you so much for your help!

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Ur welcome. :black_joker::performing_arts:

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