How to make character Bald?

Hey, is there any chance I can make my character bald in the middle of the story? She loses her hair, but I can not find the way to make her bald.

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is it your story? if it is just go on characters then the desired character and in the hair section there will be a choice that says “none” or something like that just press it and it will be bald!! hope this helps!!

yeah… but in that case she’ll be bald all the time, and I need her to be bold for just one scene ;(

Make a seperate character

Or @CHAR changes hairstyle into Bald

@/CHARACTER changes hair into Bald

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oh! use the @character changes hair into the (hair name) command then just changes it back, that should work

this command does not work, I’ve tried it(

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this command does not work(

unfortunately, this command does not work(

yeah, but if I use command @CHAR1 becomes CHAR2, he’ll get all of his features, including hair.


oh!!! sorry I couldn’t help :thinking: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:

Bald isn’t an actual hairstyle so that’s why the changes hair command does not work. You have to create a separate duplicate character and choose the bald option

thank you so much for reply! But I do not understand how to do it… I mean, I gave CC to my readers, so if i use command @CHAR1 becomes CHAR2, he’ll get all of his features, including hairstyle. So how can a create a bald separate character?(

that’s fine, thanks for your time anyway! :heart:

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Then you have to add the duplicate to the customization template where they change features (except the hairstyle) at the same time as the MC

oh… I got it. Thank you so much for your time!

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You do @CHAR2 becomes @CHAR
@CHAR2 changes hairstyle into…

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