How to make character exit in the same scale as they are standing

Hey, I was wondering how to make a character exit the screen as the position they are standing. for example my character is standing as @YOU spot 0.415 78 245 in zone 1 and I want them to exit like that in the same scale because when I preview it my character gets really big and then leaves really big so I was wondering if anyone can help. Thank you as always!

Instead of saying @YOU exits left, try just spot directing the character to walk to a spot off screen. So for example:

@YOU walks to spot 0.415 -40 245 in zone 1

They will “exit” (but will really just be off screen). You can follow it up with a:

@remove YOU

if you want to.

(Disclaimer: I just typed that spot directing from my phone so it might not actually be off screen; I’m just providing an example and you can mess around with the spot directing in the portal to see where you want the character to go.)


Oh wow! thank you so much! It’s always so much easier than I think it is.