How to make character get down slowly while is kissing another?

Can someone please help me to fix it?
@NATHAN spot 1.091 163 166 in zone 3
&NATHAN is kiss_makeout_loop_rear
&ASHLEY is kiss_makeout_loop
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 861 486 to 389% in 2
@NATHAN walks to spot 1.091 179 32 in zone 3
@ASHLEY is flirt_lookaway_bashful
@pause for a beat
&ASHLEY is idle_jawdrop_awe_loop
@pause for a beat


What do you mean by “get down slowly”?

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For example if i want him to kiss her and go down from her mount to her chest for example

Ahh, I get it. So, it sounds weird, but you’re gonna tell him to “walk” to the lower spot you want him to get to and character does it while kissing animation

That will make him slide downward while still doing the kissing move. You will want to make sure he’s still facing the direction you want, so add an and character faces direction to the end of the line

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Ahahah I did it but i didn’t pure there does it while, i’ve tried and it’s working,thank you :heart:

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