How to make character points to 0 without the player choosing?

Hi, I’m making a story and am new to branching out. I have two character points (STEALTH) and (CONFIDENCE). I need for one major choice STEALTH go to 0 and another major choice CONFIDENCE go to 0. The total amount of points each character point is 5 each. I need them to do that so the reader does not get the scene that isn’t intended for their choice. Would I do this:



I’m sorry if this is confusing. Thank you!

So, if you want them to automatically start at zero, do exactly that (the confidence =0 and stealth =0) before any choices begin. Then, the usual +1 or +5 or whatever amount of points if they choose the correct one eg STEALTH +5.
IF you want to get a different scene, you can opt to use labels, the if/elif code:
eg if (STEALTH =5) {
goto labelname
} elif (CONFIDENCE =5)) {
goto label name

(that type of coding^)
You can also lock choices based on points to prevent them from seeing certain scenes if you have them as an option :slight_smile: (I hope that makes sense/ is what you’re after, but yes, definitely do the =0 to have readers start at zero points) :slight_smile:

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