How to make character run fast across screen when writer a vampire story

I’m writer a vampire story an as I seen on most episodes I read the character run across the screen appearing to be very fast.
I seen that a lot of people asked the same question and I tried to see if that will help, but I’m not understanding how to write that on script without it telling me there’s an error.

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What exactly do you want to do? Like make it run only through one zone or through multiple zone?


Do you use spot?

Yes, but the examples I seen it was saying error because I’m using spot wrong.

It’d look like this then :
@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ in S and CHARACTER does it while ANIMATION
&CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ in S and CHARACTER does it while ANIMATION
@pan to zone # in S

X is the size of the character (default : 1.280)
Y is the absciss
Z is the ordinate
S is the time in seconds. While panning, you need to put the same amount of times when the character runs and the camera pans.

You can send me a picture of your script with the error so I can tell you if I see something wrong :blush:


Okay, thank you very much

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@cut to zone 2

@MC2 walks to spot 1.100 246 96 in 0.1 AND MC2 does it while idle

&MC2 starts talk_angry_arms_crossed
Where are those guys

I need your help again please :blush:. I sent you a little piece, and I’m stuck. I wanted to have him run in, but when I preview it he’s faced the wrong way and he didn’t run in the scene. Do you know what I did wrong??

You can control the way he’s faced with this command :
@CHARACTER faces left or @CHARACTER faces right

Then you would have to change the idle animation into a running animation.
Maybe you can also change the time : he’s running in 0.1 seconds, it may be too short to see the animation, try putting 2 or 2.5 seconds instead :wink:

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Thank you so much, :grin: