How To Make Character Sit Down On Couch and Chair and Lay Down On Bed


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How Do You Make A Character Sit Down On Couch and Chair

How Do U Make Character Lay Down On Bed


You need to use the right animation ( there are idle sit and talk sit ones and same goes for lay) and then right spot directing so characters will be placed on bed or wherever you want them.


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For lying on the bed:


Hi,I dont understand how do I make my character lay down


You have to use spot directing and place your character on the bed.


Can you help me Im new to creating my story on PC so can you help me start


Of course! You can PM me your questions :slight_smile:


I thought you could have writing partners could you do that?


Oh, sorry no. Iā€™m too busy for this, but you can PM me if you have any question and HERE you can find a writing partner :slight_smile:


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Hi thanks for all your help I have a character and she is sitting down how do you make her stand up