How to make character upside down



I can’t remember how to flip a character upside down, as if they are hanging from the ceiling.


THANKS :slight_smile:


Make the scale size a negative.

@CHARACTER spot -1.28 160 0


Hey thanks for the quick reply, when i put a negative sign in front like this for example.

@CHARACTER spot -1.398 348 1903

The character disappeared I could no longer see it.


You have to re-spot them. Zoom all the way out and you’ll see your character.


Ok so i zoomed all the way out until i saw a black screen, then I found one character but he wasn’t upside down and when I did zoom back in he was gone again.


Ok i have an update, i was able to figure out how to find them upside down. Now i just have to figure out how to see them on the actual background and not the black one.


You have to move them using directing helper and put those number coordinates in your script.


ok so i moved them and put the coordinate in my script but they are only upside down when i zoom out to the black screen. when I am on my background and move them around they still appear standing up I’m not sure what is going wrong.


so much confusion thank you for being patient and helping! I think I finally figured it out… lol


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:


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