How to make characters do animation faster?


Hi, I’m currently writing my story, and is there a way for the characters to do the behaviors more faster than the normal speed?
Ex) I wannt my character to do disappointed but she’s doing it a bit slower than I expected



@CHARACTER is punch_jab
&pause for 0.1
@CHARACTER is punch_jab
& pause for 0.1

Now of course you can change the animation and timing as you like




Actually the & and @ for the commands should look like this:

& CHARACTER is punch_jab
@ pause for 0.5
& CHARACTER is punch_jab
@ pause for 0.5


Did it work with my way or @Dara.Amarie way?? Or do they both work


It worked with @Dara.Amarie 's way but thx anyway


whoops, my mistake :sweat_smile: :grimacing: