How to make characters enter/exit the same height if they are in the distance?


My characters need to enter and exit a scene but they are in the distance so when they do so, they shrink or grow and it doesn’t look right, does anyone know how to make them the same size as they enter and exit the scene, if so please share with me it would be a massive help? :slight_smile:


I spot mine off screen and just have them walk to their spot in screen instead of “enter”


omg thank you so much, I cant believe I didnt think of this :grin:


You’re welcome :v:


Would this be correct because its saying that there is a mistake…? Sorry if I am being annoying.


It looks correct to me. I don’t think the error is in your script though, it’s something to do with the web previewer… It’s been acting up a lot lately. Maybe exit your story and reenter it and/or test it on the app? (Not being annoying btw)


Awh okie thank you again :relaxed: (And I’m glad I’m not being annoying, I’m a new writer so I’m confused with alot of things) :joy: :blush:


All good, anytime :slightly_smiling_face:


Its all working great now, so thanks again :slight_smile: