How to make characters grow/shrink while walking

i just really need some help because i can’t figure it out :sneezing_face: i’m sure it’s so simple and i’m just dumb

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Hi, it’s okay! I’ve had this issue but learnt how to do it. All you need to do is change the size of your character to the size you want it to be by resizing them and then spot directing them to the place they need to be.

For example:

The character might be at spot
1.000 (size)137 70 in Zone 1

And you want them to go to another spot but for them to shrink:

@character walks to spot 0.968 120 60

And that’s it!

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If you don’t know how to resize them, let me know so I can show you! Or if you’d like them to do an action while walking as well :))

Good luck! :heart:

tysm! :heart::blush:

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