How to make characters say readers customized character name

So i am making a story deadline is today and i need help the characters have names i now how to let readers customize and name but how do you make your own made characters say the readers characters name get it or too confusing XD

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You got to characters and then click on it and change the display name, type NAME

You need to your continuation of your episode and scroll down to script template and go down to avatar female or avatar male and click the default character that you would want to use and they give the customization.

Also, I think I read this wrong, but if you want other character to say the name they picked you write it in brackets [NAME]

So this is the input code that let’s readers type in a response:

And this is how you would have characters talk about the response:

And here is how you would get that chosen name on top of the character’s speech bubble:

thanks so much

Ooooh thanks so much hun

Thank you sooo much dara