How to make characters stare

I am working on my first story and was wondering how everyone are able to make their characters stare? I looked for the animation, but not sure if writers have used a different animation and got the very end of it when the character has stare as if the were weirded out.

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Like this?
(1,2 or 3)

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Yes!!! Mainly number 1!

The animation is called shush, you’ll only get this facial expression at the end of it though.
You can either

  1. Zoom on another character, spot…etc & have your character make the animation where they aren’t visible
    Then zoom back onto them and they’ll have the animation.
  2. Create a clone of the character and have them do the animation in another zone, spot them in the place you wish for the to be. Make sure that the real character is also moved too!
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Right! I figured that it may have been the end of an animation since I have only seen writers do it right after a scene cut. Thank you so much for your help! :blush:

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Hey what the animation for the 3rd face you put up?

It’s the animation scream (the end of it)

You can even test it to see.

If you write in your script:


@zoom on 163 315 to 186% in 0

@CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR faces right

@CHAR is scream

@pause for 20

To be continued…

You will see that expression : )

Of course, you’d replace CHAR with an actual character and after you’re done testing it out, you would erase this code.

BTW, it looks like this:

What is the second and the third animation?

The 2nd animation happens at the end of flirt_fingersnap and the 3rd animation, as I’ve mentioned above, occurs that the end of scream.

So to sum it up, 2 is flirt_fingersnap, 3 is scream (and 1 is the animation shush).

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2nd, end of flirt_fingersnap
3, end of scream.

Ok thanks!!!