How to make characters turn around?

Please help, x

               I have no idea how to make a character turn round.

I want my character to face behind her.
But have no idea what I’m doing
Please don’t tell me to google it, Trust me I tried :woman_facepalming:

PS, I’m new.

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You would use an animation that has the word rear in it. For example idle_rear will make her face behind her.


Thanks, x

how can i make my character go from rear to facing the screen again?

Give her a different command. Idle or idle_awkward or laugh_giggle or whatever as long as it doesnt have rear.


Thank you so much

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Hi! I can’t seem to figure out how to make a character turn around and face the cam from the rear pose.

I’ve tried googling it and i couldn’t seem to find anything

P.S= I need help ASAP cuz of the new gem rule

Do you mean like, have their whole body rear facing but their just their head looking at the camera or…?


@CHARACTER walks to spot #

And I can’t seem to figure out how to turn her back.

P.S= I tried to use animations but it can’t seem to work

Rear animations use reverse facing.
So, if you want a character to face right with a rear animation, you will code them to face left and vice versa. So you could put:
&CHARACTER faces right/left
CHARACTER (rear animation here)
Dialogue here.
You could test out left or right, depending on which one suits your scene.

You could also have:
&CHARACTER is rear animation AND CHARACTER faces left/right
Dialogue here.

By “turn her back” do you mean you want her to face the camera again??

If yes you need to use any animation which does not have the word “rear” in it.

@CHARACTER walks to spot #
CHARACTER (rear animation)
@CHARACTER is idle (or any front facing animation)

Or you can do this:
@CHARACTER walks to spot #
CHARACTER (rear animation)
CHARACTER (front facing animation)

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All the comments here helped in more than one way. Thank you a lot!!

I have a question of my own.
I want to make my character do something while in the rear position, you know, the way they move their hands around as if they were doing something?
What command is that?

try @CHARACTER is tinker_rear

Search tinker when you are entering the animation and the proper name should come up (:

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Thank You so much!!!

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