How to make characters walk rear correctly?

I use something like :
@mc spot 1234566 in zone 2
@mc walks to spot 697543 AND Mc is walk_rear

But it looks unrealistic, a body of a charecter is facing the wrong direction and he is walking backwards :thinking:

Add a direction while they’re walking rear (faces left/right) and it’s the opposite.

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Thank you!

You’re welcome <3

hey guys i need help with a similar situation

Of course! May you share your code?

Well I don’t have it right now, but ill send it later but not the case so i was wondering how do u use the 60 dim i think that’s what the overlay is called but anyways i was wondering on how u use it and then get rid of it on the same scene

This guide will belp:


Thank u so much

You just change the overlay opacity. Put it in a scene like you would any overlay then add &overlay EFFECT DIM 60 opacity 1 or 0

Tysm anyways i have another question this one is more simple, so I have music in my story but when i test it i can only hear the music for 2 scenes and the rest is silent so i dont know what im doing wrong