How to make charakters "bigger" or "larger"

How can I make a character bigger?
Because I want to make the boy bigger then the girl but I am not able to find it anywhere:(
Hope you know what I mean and it would be realy great if someone could tell me how to do that

Thanks! :heart:

Are you using the writing portal or mobile editor?

writing portal

Use spots

Basically, open the preview screen and click ‘directing helper’ then ‘spot helper’ then change the tool to scale. click and drag your character to the size you want them then at the bottom it tells you the command. It’ll be like @CHARACTER spot __________

copy and paste it into your script instead of @CHARACTER stands screen _____

Okay thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions, go to this thread:


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No problem!

Thank you :relaxed: