How to make children that look like children with KISEKAE!

Hey parry babies, This is… OK, this is a tutorial on tips.

#1: Overlays.

I have help to give you.

I will upload other help in the future on this, but now I focus on this matter.

Here it is:


The post here will be helpful in making children: Making your own from scratch, BUT NOT Scratch. Scratching your heads? Let me clearly explain: I have several character creators in the palms of my hands right now to help you…

And codes.


These are so diverse you can create children with them.

#1: Kisekae, and Kisekae 2

These are hard to find, there are two versions, the SFW (Safe for Work) one, And The NSFW (Not Safe for work, Which ain’t much different, to be honest.)

I will give you the SFW one, bc you don’t need the other one. And the other might get Y’all banned if you try to make real nudes.

Which I’m sure some of you will try.

Don’t do to us (the overlays) what u all did to the very first spotlight before they made the one we got, now. :frowning:


Child Bod’:

To be filled.

These are multiple children you can choose from. you can also choose to make 'em fatter if you want. All copyright free bc I didn’t make them. This is the code you put into kisekae. Don’t know how? I have a tutorial. I got it from google.


They’re girls. I will release boys when I get the chance. and I’m not tired.

I have another tho and if you go to You can go to Gemsona Maker and then you can make children with that. I am not sure how the boys will go you will need a reference pic or something like that. That is only bc I use that to differentiate my anime based stories from my none anime based like I’ll use anime only, or no. So. I might diverse, I might not.

And this is a google search link to how to use kisekae, ty, and yw. Goodbye.

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What is this foreign language you speak of?


Sorry, the Description for Kisekae is in Korean, I think.

Unforchanutly, thos wont work. episode won’t allow it.

Probably because it looks a bit confusing.
All those numbers look like a virus for real.

The numbers are actually codes that you important into Kisekae and it pops up a character bc that code is the characters code,

It wont work BC episode I use it and it isnt a virus tons of other people do too, but you cant use it to make kids BC it won’t work as episode does not allow stuff from character creator even tho i think kisekae was made for comic creating and etc as it has that function.

Are you serious about the Spotlight thing?

You DO realize it was a test in the beginning, right? They won’t just “delete” overlays…
Spotlight started as an open beta test where people were supposed to leave feedback.

And this whole thing is ridiculous, If they are overlays, they can’t move (other than as overlays, dah) or do any animations/ change cloths and look like actual Episode characters…

There was an older spotlight, and sadly, people uploaded so many dirty stuff that the older version was deleted. But, then they gave us this one. and if you want the overlay animated, you’ll have to upload frames, and sadly i wanted to delete this bc it won’t work as they won’t allow them they don’t allow you to use things from a character creator and i thought it would, my stuff got approved but it was a mistake and they all got rejected when I told them about the issue with the newer ones getting rejected and found out that the first ones were mistakenly approved. :frowning: So, now I want to, but i don’t know how to delete this post and I want try again bc the first time I tried it didn’t work.

tbh, if anyone was willing I just wanted a way to have kids that looked like kids for a change, I’m sorry for trying. I would’ve tried to animate them but i can’t draw, so my life. :pensive:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: