How to make choices matter?

Hey. I need some help! So, in my story, there are 2 love interests. I want to make it so when the reader picks which love interest they want, it continues throught the whole story. I want it to be like when they pick which boy they want, each chapter will be different depending on who you pick. Someone help me please

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It could be something like

Choose a love interest.

“LI 1”{
gain LI_1
}“LI 2”{
gain LI_2

The gains will carry throughout the rest of the story. All you have to do is call them back in order to write the story for each respective love interest like this:

if (LI_1){
#put LI 1 story version here
} else {
#put LI 2 story version here

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this helped a lot! tysm!

Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices


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