How to make couch scenes or how to use them

I need help with couch scenes, I know how to make my chacthers sit down and place them but I want the camera facing right in front of them while they’re sitting on the couch…I don’t know what to do I’m new at this whole episode stuff and I don’t know how to make backgrounds or make a cover to my story.

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If you need a cover, I might help you but its gonna take a bit of time.
And if you are having any problems in your script, you can create a thread and address your problem in it. If its described properly, its most likely to be solved.

Ok thank you so much!!! So u wouldn’t mind doing my cover?

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Yeah, you can pm for the details.

Ok should I show u my characters or something

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Yep, Thats necessary for the cover.

Ok thank u

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Glad @Frey can help you out :slight_smile:

So, I’m just going to link a few background sharing threads here on the forum. As well as some helpful programs and websites for if you decide to make a background instead of using someone else’s.


all of these are free to download and use

  • Gimp (basically free photoshop. I use this one frequently. Once you get the hang of how things work, it’s really simple to use.
  • Blender
  • Photopea - is super basic, but if you are just starting with editing/creating- it’s not a bad program… and it’s free.
  • FotoSketcher - great for turning photos into different art styles (like if you find a picture on a royalty-free site, you can use FotoSketcher to match closest to the art-style episode uses in their backgrounds.)
  • Krita (another editor, I like this one for drawing/coloring in outlines… It has many more and varying brushes and options :slight_smile: )

For royalty-free images/backgrounds:

As far as cover art goes you have a couple of options:

  • find a photo on a royalty-free site and edit it yourself.
  • go to one of the numerous Art/Cover Art request threads that are located under the “Art Resources” section.
  • Commission an art piece from an online artist. ( I don’t know much about this option. but other people can help you out with that on the art cover threads)

Ok thanks for telling me and I know some public domain sites and others ones… anyways thank u😀for all the other options.

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Btw will I have to pay?..because I can’t.

And whats “pm details” mean.

Click on her profile pic and click message. “PM” is short-type for personal message. :slight_smile: Just answering for her in case she’s busy. Good luck!

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Thank you so much I appreciate it!!! I’m a bit nervous at making my first story but I think I can do it. :sweat_smile:I’m glad I got people helping me out.

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Mhm…no. You don’t have to pay and pm means to message me privately.

Ok good to know.

I cannot see the hair and face of the characters properly in the pic. Can you please resend it with the appropriate location?

Ok I’ll do that.

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The “stupid questions” thread that I linked is a lifesaver for first-time writers. I used it when I first started. And, even better, sometimes just reading through the thread can give you the answer you need without having to wait on someone to respond. :slight_smile:

It can feel confusing and it’s easy to get discouraged, so just- don’t give up. Keep trying. Give it time and the coding stuff does get to be second nature. You can do it :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thank u for helping me​:grinning::grinning:I’ll go look at that thread.

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You’re welcome!