How To Make Freckles Compatible With CC

I’m starting a story where the MC is customizable, but I want the MC to have freckles, how do I make the customization compatible with the CC?


Do you want the MC to always have freckles? Or do you want the person customizing to be able to take them on or off?

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Freckles aren’t a part of the CC, they are part of the clothing section.
So if you want your MC to have freckles you’ll have to add it to all your outfits as it’s not a part of the customization.

There are 3 types of freckles:

  • Freckles heavy (00-03)
  • Freckles heavy (04-07)
  • Freckles heavy (08-10)

The numbers on the freckles represent the skin tone of the character. If you’re character’s skin tone is from 0 to 3 use the first one, if the skin tone is 4 to 7 use the second one, and if it’s 8 to 10 use the last one.

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Everything about the MC is

Obviously, BUT I need to figure out how to make them compatible with whatever skin tone is chosen. And I know, I’ve used freckles on a character before.

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you’re going to first create from every outfit 3 with the freckles, then you’re going to write

if (choice’s name is “Neutral 1”) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_freckles1
elif (choice’s name is “Neutal 06” {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_freckles2
elif (choice’s name is “Neutral 9”) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_freckles3

Basically you have to add this code for all of the skin tones (they are about 55 skin tones) and if the skin tone is from 0-3 they change into the first freckled outfit, and so on.

Hopefully I explained that correctly. Tell me if you’re still confused.

I think if you do it once and add a gain, it will be easier. Figure out which skin tones can have freckles. Then use the if/elif…gain freckles. Else, nothing.
Then when she changes outfits, if (freckles)…changes into outfit with freckles. Else…outfit without freckles.

If you want to use all 3 freckles choices, that’s possible, but more work.

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