How to Make Friends

Wassup, world?
I see most people out here has a bunch of friends.

That leaves me, a new author with little friends :sneezing_face: (adopt me as a friend pls), wondering what, in your opinion, is/are the best way(s) to make good friends within the community?

Pretty sure there’s always someone in this forum from anywhere in the world would have the same question in mind as I do.

So yeah, suggest away! :relaxed:

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Comment on threads, make jokes sometimes. Pretty much every friendship of mine didn’t begin with “wanna be friends?” :thinking: This is my suggestion. Heck, support some people and you never know, you may gain an ally :+1:

So…yep, this is my recommendation, just comment stuff, am sure you will get a lot of cool responses and u may even notice the same person is responding to you to which you’re thinking in your mind “oh yeah, we are officially friends” :sunglasses:

Just be careful though, there are some bad eggs, unfortunately. I consider myself blessed to have met such amazing people on Episode and am sure you will as well :blue_heart:


Aw this topic is so cute!

For me, I think being honest and just acting like my regular self is how I became friends with a lot of people in this community. I’m quite opinionated, so I’m often commenting on discussion threads and then people who shared the same views as me would agree or reply or quote me… or maybe I was agreeing, replying and quoting them too :woman_shrugging: Idk, but that sort of made it a mutual friendship thing even if it was never explicitly stated because it was just like we would always find ourselves on the same thread fighting for the same thing.

As well as this, a lot of authors I’m friends with just came about because I would recommend their story a lot so they had no choice but to talk to me because they felt guilty if they didn’t :smiling_imp: JUST KIDDING! Well, sort of lol. Now that I think about it, a lot of my Episode friendships did form after I read their stories hahaha


Ayyy, that’s an awkward conversation starter right there lmao.

It does feel good to meet someone like-minded among the crowd, hey.

Yeh, I guess being more active in participating in topics and comments is one of the better ways to meet potential friends. :smirk:


That’s one of the ways yeah. I guess one has to be out there and try to network with people to actually get the chance to meet the like-minded. :thinking:

What we call friends with benefits. LMAO.

Being extra involved within the community is definitely the key.
I just wish there are some other techniques to make friends though. :smirk:


It is and trust me I think ur personality and looks are just 3837372828% better than his and I am not saying his is good but-


I know a lot of people have “families” on the forums. I’m not in one, but it seems to be a good place to start. There’s usually a couple of adoption threads floating around here lol


Brrrr, I don’t prefer casual “hi-bye” friends. :smirk: Hurhur.
Like some of the conversations are just like-


A: “Let’s make friends, yay!”
B: “Sure thing!”
A: “How are you, friend?”
B: “I’m perfectly fine, thanks for asking!”

Family on the forum. Hmmmmmm- Nah mate, I’ll pass. It sounds a bit weird though imo.

I guess starting a friendship by explicitly asking for one would work, but also there wasn’t any mutual connection prior to the start, and it’s kinda like ehhhhhhh.


A greatz way tu make friends is tu comment on lots of threads and try tu be helpful around here. One way I made friends was through forum family, but I understand it might not be ur preferred method, and it is kinda awkward for sum ppl. Many recommend PM-ing sum users, but tbh it feels weird. I would say make friends with ppl who seem interesting tu u and share sum funny stories. :hugs:

Also, popping into sum of le forum restaurants can help u make friends. :hugs:

Many authors who write on episode are here, how about recommend some of ur fave stories on recommendation threads and befriend them? Being a weird person, I kinda struggle with makingz friends, but soon, u’ll make sum eventually. Put urself out there and keep trying. :hugs:

I made friends in a few weird ways. One was by ordering cherry in a shoe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep a lookout for ppl starting PM chats and join them. :hugs:

My fave way tu make friends is tu help others on le forums. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Whuttttt the heck is forum restaurants lmao. Hahahaha. :joy:

How to start a friendship 101. :rofl:

Tbh you strike me as a French. Are you? :thinking:


This. If you participate in discussions and speak up your mind, you will eventually find the people who share similar views to yours. I’m not shy but I’m introvert, so it took me a while to make friendships here, but I noticed that some people I like somehow found me and tried to interact with me from time to time. This often surprised me (in a good way), but at the same time it felt so natural.



It really is. And I bet you’re a much nicer person than him. :grin:

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Lolza. Nuu, I’m from straya. I just speak realleh weirdly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First off, I’m just gonna assume your description isn’t something… coughfetishcough. Aaanyway.

This is so me as well! Like me, I don’t usually just reply to threads just because :)).
But I guess I should start to get into involving with posts or comments if I were to expand my network.

Bwahaha, I’m assuming @amberose and you met through idk recommendation or R4R? :star_struck:


Thanks for the nice words. lmao :star_struck:

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Whutt lmao. Okay, I was guessing because I saw some really French-ish words (e.g., tu, le).
Which part of straya you’re from?



One way to make friends is to comment a lot on threads and keep a lookout for people with interesting personalities. Then talk to them, or wait until they’re online and talk on the thread they’re in, casually asking questions. Then wait for the friendship to begin.

Or try helping somebody. That way you can make someone’s day better as well as make a new friend. :wink:


Oh lollalz. I’m from Melbourne. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And I can speak a lil’ bit of French…guess Xylo language borrowed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, no, it’s actually a joke but now I can see how it might come across, so I might get rid of it when I have a better idea :sweat_smile:

Me neither, I’m not very active and I don’t comment if I feel I have nothing to add. Well, most of the time

We had liked each other’s posts before I believe, but we started talking more when I posted my story in her review thread :slightly_smiling_face:


The madafaka’s got a good taste.