How to make good choices in your story?

I often find I have a hard time creating good/meaningful choices in my story. I know how the directing works, but I also know how my characters think and act. How can I create a choice that still stays close to my version of the characters, but can also impact a story in different ways?

(Truly hope this made sense)


Can you give an example of what you would use for a choice, like give a snippet of the synopsis of your story.

I understand, your characters are one way and the choices are like two ways they can act. Lucky for you, your characters are human beings which means they are not one dimensional. For example, a character can be silly yet courageous, so they can choose between telling a joke or taking matters seriously. OR you can make them pick from how to approach another character which they have no idea how to approach at first. OR just use the character’s conflicting motivations to create some kind of mind-breaking choice ex. he wants to quit his job because it is mundane but he needs this job because it’s the only thing that keeps him from feeling like some kind of monster what will the reader do now?

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