How to make inputs? (not name inputs)

Hey guys! I really need some help here. You know those input stuff from the “choosing a name” thing? How can you use that in a different way? For example, how can you make riddles and let the reader answer with no choices at all using inputs. Like, if you are solving a riddle, you have to type the correct text to proceed, or if they don’t know at all, they can just type something then also proceed. How can you do this? I’m not sure if this will work but is this correct:


&JEN enters from left to screen center

Hmm... What is this? A password?

&JEN is think
Can you solve it?
&JEN is talk_exclaim_yes
Great! I think we need to add all of these numbers to get the 4 digit password.
Here it is: 26 + 58 + 92 + 146 + 273 + 798?

label solve_addition_input

input What is 26 + 58 + 92 + 146 + 273 + 798? If you don’t know, just type “IDK”|What is 26 + 58 + 92 + 146 + 273 + 798? If you don’t know, just type “IDK”|Done(CODENAME)

if (CODENAME is “1393”) {

Great, you solved it!
The password is 1393!

goto continue

} elif (CODENAME is “IDK”) {

You couldn't solve it?
Was it too hard? Well, you better improve soon.

goto continue

} else {

Sorry, that is wrong.

goto solve_addition_input

label continue

@pause for a beat

your coding looks alright to me… do you have any errors?

Nevermind, I just tested it and it seems to be fine! Thanks for help anyways.

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