How To Make It Realistic

So I noticed people when they do their art, they make it seem like realistic. I want to learn to do that but I don’t know how to. I just made an outline and I want to add it color but without it looking like a drawing like realistic.

This is my outline:


I know…it’s bad

Can someone help me make it look realistic? Any help from anyone will be appreciated. Thank u love u guys :heart:


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This video helped me out a lot when first starting.


Of what type of realistic do you speak? Episode Ink Style, Limelight Style? Semirealism? Each of them takes more time to practice.

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I could give you some pointers on making it more cleaner! :sparkling_heart:

Step 1: Turn on force fade to your preferred setting and stabilizer to your preferred setting
For me I made my stabilizer 8 and my force fade 40. But it depends on each person, finishing your own style is hard and you should do only what you feel comfortable with.

Just to see comparisons of everything:

My personal settings:

Step 2: Long strokes is a must
When I first started art, I always did short strokes. But instead do long, smooth strokes with no break. It will make your art look more professional.

Step 3: Don’t rush art
I know what it’s like. To want to just rush your art and be done with it in 10 mins. But good outlines take a lot of time. My outlines take anywhere from 30-120 minutes. You need to constantly redo and undo your strokes. But my tips is; never overlap strokes, just redo or undo one. Cus then one part may look thicker than another.

Just some tips for the outline! :sparkling_heart: Pm me or reply here if you need anymore help. I’ll reply here again with coloring tips.


All of them

Thank u

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Semi-realistic outlines

I used @CelestialMoon ‘s tutorial on portraits to make a semi-realistic one. I can’t explain it like she did but I can give you screenshots of the process:


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Hey please credit @appleqrl always when posting her outline that you colored. :cupid:

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Do you mean maybe this type of realistic coloring? It is called semi realism. I can‘t tell you how long it takes to learn it, I draw semi realism myself for only like 5 weeks and I‘m not a pro at it. Usually 3-dimensionality makes a piece realistic. I can‘t really tell you how I color it, I just use a base color, then shade, highlight, try to blend the colors with a watercolor brush and in the end refine it.


Thank you :blob_hearts: