How to make it so characters do an action at the same time

I need my characters to do the same thing at the same time but I keep getting an error when I attempt the code, any ideas?

@CHARACTER1 is action_action
&CHARACTER2 is action_action


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Np :grin:

I tried it and it’s isnt working so I changed it back want me to send a picture of it so you can write it for me?


Try typing

@CHARACTER1 is (action) AND CHARACTER2 is (action)

But can I see a picture of the script please
If that doesn’t work


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Theres my script

Try making the 2nd action into a separate line of code

@CHARACTER1 is (action) AND CHARACTER2 is (action)

@CHARACTER1 is (action2) AND CHARACTER2 is (action2)

I was gonna do that but I wanted the animation for the hop then laugh because it makes an extremely hilarious expression so changing what line it’s on wouldn’t do that

Well since u want to do that I can’t help you
I’m good at basic coding and things like that but mixing expressions isn’t my strong suit sorry

Thanks for trying to help anyways

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The reason why your characters aren’t doing it at the same time is because you have character 2’s actions coded to happen after character 1’s first action. This is how you code it :point_down:t5:

@CHARACTER1 is action and CHARACTER2 is action then CHARACTER1 is action and CHARACTER2 is action”


“&CHARACTER1 is action then CHARACTER1 is action
@CHARACTER2 is action then CHARACTER2 is action”