How to make lots of characters do diferent actions at the same time

Hi I am curently writing a story on episode (Back to Normal) and I dont know how to make different characters do diferent actions all at the same time (if you understand what i meen) Please help me

@MC is think_rubchin AND SAM is talk_confused_mindblown

I believe that following this would pretty much do that.
This is the code I use, and you can change the name

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(Thank u very much) can use that code with more characters ?,like for eg 4

Umm, never tried that, but if you want I can test it out for you

Also, I’m looking for a writing partner, maybe someone who can help me, I have a plot line, but a little extra help would be so nice. We can put it on your profile or my profile, or even make up a totally new one if you’re interested.

yes you can just keep putting the AND

you can also do this

&HIM is animation
YOU (animation)
You dont say

Okay thank you all💛It was really helpfull