How to make mc introduce characters

Ok i’m really bad at this so i’m going to need your help Mc is sitting in the cafeteria with 5 of her friends '‘They are poular kids’'but i don’t know how to make the mc introduce them i need help i know this is my story and i should know what to o but right now i don’t know what to do :sob:


I think you should let the readers know the popular kids more throughout the story rather than the MC just introducing them But for real tho I guess the MC can say a few jokes while introducing them :full_moon_with_face:


Yes exactly my story is named ‘’ The exchanges student’’ but the popular kids are her freinds that’s why they are sitting in the same table like i saw in a story
me:zooms in on whover she is talking about
Mc:Grace spencer Daughter of blah blah blah etc
Lmaoo but i don’t really know what to write
But like one of her friends is a b*tch who ends up sleeping with her bf
sorry i’m bad at explaining stuff

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Girl your story has drama :relieved: spill the tea sis
Pm me if Ya need any help tho :pleading_face:

lmaoo yass tysm

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Skskskkk it’s nice to meet you!! I’m Gennie :pleading_face: but u can call me Gen/Genie :relieved:

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Ok :pleading_face:

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I would recomand to write dialogue from which the reader will learn who are this people naturally.

Simply let them talk about something… you can include fact inportsnt for your szory…

Like if she is exchange student you nan make one of her friends ask her some questions like…you have been here for a while so what are rhe biggest differencies between your country snd ours… or are you missing”name of the country”. And dimilarryyoucan introduce the others… Luke if boys play footbal you can makethem talkabout last match atc…

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