How to make mc's friends likeable

basically what the title asks. what makes you want them to be an li or what makes you love them so much?

One of the most important things you can do to make a side character more likeable in my opinion is to give them a life of their own. Most people will have multiple groups of friends, sometimes ones that won’t include their main BFF (think school friends vs. work friends vs. sports friends, etc.). They will have their own families, their own problems and struggles, their own successes. Make them independent of the MC - their entire world should not revolve around your central character,


I would say, like @anon6748744 said- give them their own life
Don’t write a friend like she’s just there to give advice and react to the MC. You should make sure their motivations make sense, making them more realistic and so that the audience can understand and even relate to them. The friends don’t live life purely to support the MC- just let them be their own! :))


Make them realistic. They shouldn’t be perfect, everyone has their flaws. Nobody is perfect so why should characters be? Everyone has their quirks that just add to their personality. They shouldn’t be a robot or the perfect little person, they should be real and make mistakes.

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