How to make my character appear on a overlay bed sheet?

Hello, I am currently writing a story and my character doesn’t appear on my overlay bedsheet, how can I make her look like sleeping on the overlay bed sheet ? Xx

Did you spot place your character on the bed?

can we see your full coding, make sure to have your overlay layer number higher for the overlay to be in front of your character.

&overlay LAYLBEDSHEET to layer 0
&overlay LAYBEDCOVER to layer 2
Then you can put the character (s) at layer 1
Layer 0 will be in the back and layer 2 will be in the front. The character at layer 1 will be on top of the sheet, but underneath the bedcover.

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No I didn’t not sure how to do that x

Yeh sure this is how my script looks like so far :
@transition fade out black 2
sound off
@LAYLA changes into LAYLA_pj
@LAYLA starts sleep_sitting
@overlay LAYLBEDSHEET create
@overlay LAYLBEDSHEET opacity 1
@overlay LAYLBEDCOVER create
@overlay LAYLBEDCOVER opacity 1

ah thank you so much , I will try it now :slight_smile:

my characters name is Layla , so how do I write it in script for her to move to layer 1 , sorry for bothering you with my questions.

@LAYLA spot 1.280 200 0 AND LAYLA moves to layer 1 AND LAYLA is sleep_sitting
You would have to change the spot numbers to your liking. These are default numbers.

How to do this,
Go to directing helper,
The Spot Helper:

omg ! thank you so much it has worked !


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