How to make my character hold another character?


I know i have to do spot directing but i don’t quite understand what i have to do.


What a lot of authors do is have CHAR1 stand in front of CHAR2 (slightly to the left) and use a rear behavior, I think it’s talk_rear


What do you mean by “character hold another character”?
Is it like when they put them over their shoulders, or like hugging them or something like that?

Please be more specific, because it can be a lot of things.


Like, a guy holding a girl in his arms, I’ve seen it in a story once.


Is there a chance it was with overlays? And what story? Maybe if I have seen it I would understand what you’re talking about.


Nope, I can’t remember now. The girl was in a sitting pose (the legs up behaviour) and the guy was walking, and she was moving together with him. Idk how to explain better.


You have to use animation sleep_sitting and move the girl to layer -1 and guy walk_rear and move to layer 1.
Make them walk to spot together while doing these animations
@GIRL walks to spot % X Y in 2 AND GIRL does it while sleep_sitting AND BOY walks to spot % X Y in 2 AND GUY does it while idle_rear

Make sure you move them to layers before and use the right facing command


Was it the new girl? I remember seeing it there. You just have to make them walk to spot together and one of them does the animation you’re talking about.

@Apes already explained it pretty good above.


Thanks! That really helped me.<3