How to make my story more popular


i am new at writing a story and i only have 280 followers. so how can i make my story more popular ???


There are plenty of ways. First of all, you have to promote your story, and make yourself more known in the Episode Forums, if you have more people know you, naturally you’ll get more reads.


Yes! I have made some really lovely friends on the Forums who have read my story and I have had gained a lovely support base for my story! If you like, when you do publish your story you could promote it on my promotional thread!


Thank you I’d love to


Brilliant - I’ll send a link to my promotion thread for you soon and honestly, with the reads they will come :blush: When people see the passion of what you are writing about, people will be bound to read your story!


:slight_smile: You’re so nice txh


No worries and I really believe in supporting small authors (I am a small author myself!) It’s really important to encourage each other :blush:


I recommend when you do publish your story - get some splashes done, have a nice cover, enticing description and many users here are happy to help here!