How to make my story popular?


So I am still working on my story and haven’t posted anything yet because I am afraid my story won’t be good enough, can you help me with this problem?


I would like to read your story also how about promote it


Do a r4r


Ok! When I publish it I will do a read for read thank you!


Np me and you can do a read for read




Instead of worrying about whether your story will be popular or not, focus on your writing and directing and improving those two. If you write for popularity on episode, you would be disappointed at first when your story is not noticed right away. Writing for popularity is just going to make writing feels like a chore to you compared to writing for enjoyment. Because if you write for enjoyment, you are more likely to improve on your writing. And the more you improve on your writing, the more likely the episode community is going to notice your story. But if you want your story to be noticed right away, try getting Review pages on instagram to review your story. You will be noticed by more people and the review accounts will give you advice on how to improve your writing and they would rate on your story. Entering contests will get your story to be noticed as well


Thank you very much but I don’t write because I want to be popular it’s just that every writer need a support on their stories and that’s what they make them continue writing but sometimes when it doesn’t get support maybe I will feel that I am not good enough or anything thanks for the advice I really appreciate it :heart:


You’re welcome and I see what you mean :slight_smile: With review accounts, contests, and also promoting your story on instagram, you can get support from there. R4R is easy to gain reads but you wouldn’t be able to gain supporters from there. What you really want are supporters that would read your story without having to read theirs


So, ensure your story is of a quality that makes readers want to read on - to make sure this is the case you can get your story reviewed! It is better for you to gain long term readers than people who would read 3 chapters of your story and not touch it again!

I am quite lucky as I have gained a group of readers who have stuck with my story in the long run - ways I did this included mentioning my story in other threads, posting random screenshots of my story to improve intrigue, engaging with the community and making friends who have read my story out of interest! Instagram helped quite a lot with story promotion and actually I have quite a few people who recommend my story which serves as a promotion too!


@ViviOfficially how to get review pages on insta , how to promote a story on insta ?? I WANT TO KNOW COZ I’M going to write my 1st story so… please tell me i:slightly_smiling_face:t would me very kind of u ,


We have a thread called Happy Helpers. We review your stories and give you valuable feedback. This gives you an insight to what you need to do to be known. Also, check out @newlydiscovered.episode on Instagram! They will promote undiscovered stories by small authors. Hope that helps!


Hey what is your story about?


I love romance story’s, so if its any kind of romance story I would love to read it. Also if you want people to check it out before you publish it then you can send people the link and they can read it before it is published. But remember if you are happy with your story that is all that really matter’s. You will find people that love your story and hate it. Because we can’t please everyone :slight_smile:


To get your story reviews on instagram, you got to find episode groups that does story review requests. I’m in this episode group called @epy.overnighters and I happened to be one of their story reviewers. You can click on the link of the page and fill out the form, and the group will get back to you. The same goes for other episode groups out there. As for promoting your story on instagram, try to get a decent amount of followers on there or perhaps used hashtags like #noticemeepisode because that’s how your story will pop up on their feed. When posting about your story maybe post the cover of your story or perhaps make a small trailer of your story (I seen few authors do that). Posting screenshots can help too (just don’t post screenshots too much or that will spoil the story!)


Thank u soooooo much !!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:I bookmarked your message in case i forget !!


Okay love, there are groups on insta offering reviews. My insta is @days.episode and I can DM you some groups

  1. Make sure you have a kickass cover and synopsis/description for your story. Those are the things that will draw people in.

  2. The first chapter can’t be one of those “sorry, this is bad… but it gets better” situations. Your first chapter is the one people are the happiest to read because you don’t need to use a ticket. Grab people straight away. Don’t waste that opportunity! Hook them!

  3. See if you can get a writer with a healthy number of views to read your story. If they like it, they may even promote it!

  4. Sign up to as many of those Instagram reviews as possible. When they do your review, you get information on how to improve AS WELL AS free publicity!!!

  5. Make sure your story is original. A lot of people in the community are tired of reading the same old tropes and cliches. Find out what makes your story unique, use it as much as possible and then use that uniqueness to sell the story.

  6. Update regularly: choose a day and stick to it. If you start with 10 readers, you’ll have 40 reads by chapter 4. That will push your rank down and another 5 people might see it and read it. That will give you another 20 reads by the time they get to chapter 4, which will push your rank down even more! Updating regularly will keep your regulars interested so they’ll keep reading and keep your rank down.


Thanks ,I’ll follow u!! sure ,pls dm me !!


Just wondering but what is a 4r4 I am new to the writing episode things.