🌞 How to Make Noon Backgrounds🌙

Here is my guide step-by-step on how to make noon backrounds!
Step 1: Get your images! For this tutorial I am using EXT. DAD’S HOUSE - DAY and EXT. DAD’S HOUSE - NIGHT

Step 3: Get an app!

I think this feature is available in other apps, but I’ll just mention that I am using Ibis Paint X, It is free and available on any phone or tablet!

Step 4: Combine the images!

What you wanna do is you import the day background. Once that is done, you import the night version into your canvas, it will make it a separate layer. Then you want to go to the night layer, and mess with the opacity until it is the way you like!

Finished Piece:

I hope this mini tutorial helped anyone! Hehe!


Thank you <3