How to make overlay for story title fade in and out

Hi guys !
Can somebody guide me in the right direction ? How would I make my title of my story overlay fade in with the artwork ? I want the title to appear after I have did the zooms on the artwork ?

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you have to make a text overlay! i can make one for you if you’d like?

It’d look something like this:

@zoom on x y to % in s
@overlay TITLE create and overlay TITLE shifts to x y and overlay TITLE scales to x y and overlay TITLE opacity 1 in s

I have the text overlay created that I can use I just need to know how I would code it to make it fade in

So the opacity makes in fade in ?

yes the opacity would cause the fading :))

So I would code it how winteronepisode wrote it ?

yes you could do it like that!

I have one more question love . When you want to show a bonus scene or something at the end of your episode for a gem choice how can you do so ?

Would you like to view a bonus scene?

choice (choicename)
<GEMS:#>"Yes please!"{
goto bonus
}"No thanks!"{
goto after_bonus

label bonus
#Bonus content here

label after_bonus
#Readers are taken here either after the bonus or right after they say "no" to viewing the bonus scene.
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So under label bonus is where I place the scene ?

personally i just use dara marie’s templates and change what the choice is!

dara amarie sorry

Yes :slight_smile:

It’s virtually the same thing as I posted above, is it not?

oh no it is! i was just recommending what i do since they asked :))

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