How to make overlay work?

So there is a scene where I play a MC stands in there and their are a open circle slowly appear in the middle and then the MC with the open circle close.
but when I try to preview it, the circle are so small.
edit code:

preview game:

Here is my cold

music off
@cut to zone 3
@FEARHARM LORD UN FINISH stands screen center in zone 1 AND FEARHARM LORD UN FINISH faces right
@FEARHARM LORD UN FINISH is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
@pan to zone 1 in 5
sound piano_suspense
@overlay PURPLE POWER create
@overlay PURPLE POWER opacity 0.4 in 2
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER shifts to 129 222
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER scales to 0.055 0.055
@pause for a beat
@overlay PURPLE POWER opacity 0.9 in 4
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER shifts to -84 -24
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER scales to 0.746 0.746
@overlay PURPLE POWER clear

Every overlay’s unique, especially when its customilly made, and needs its own fiddling around with to get it as you want it to be.
An overlay’s default size and place - the size/place on screen it has when put into the code without changing any coordinates - is depending on the size and place you has it when you uploaded it. This also, naturally, effect how it will look when you direct it, what size you need to use.

Working with overlay’s can be a bit tricky and it takes some practice before you understand the code system,
If you haven’t seen it already I recomend you start by looking at Dara’s help tutorial about using and animating overlays.
It covers the basic things you need to know as well as the most frequently used tips and trix, when working with overlays.

Good luck and happy coding.

I have read it, and I apply it into my code too, but it didn’t work… and the size of my custom overlay is big as the first place too.

So do you want the overlay to be small then big?


I don’t know if this is the answer you’re looking for but if you want it to gradually become small then big…
At this point in the code:
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER shifts to -84 -24
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER scales to 0.746 0.746

Maybe add in the amount of seconds that you want it to become bigger:
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER shifts to -84 -24 in (amount of seconds)
@overlay 5845551841280000_PURPLE POWER scales to 0.746 0.746 in (amount of seconds)