How to make overlays in ibispaint x?

can anyone show me how to do overlays in ibispaint paint i’d reallyyyy appreciate it thanks bae bae <3

Do you want to know how to make custom ones or crop out an image to create an overlay?

both if possible please.

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I can try to help you, although I normally make my overlays with MediBang, and eraser. But for editing I use ibispaint :slight_smile:

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so im currently using my laptop right now

Im not sure this is helpful or not


but to create an overlay from a background, take that background and then cut out what you want.

You want to cut out the coffee table…

Take the eraser then erase everywhere else besides the coffee table.

Drawn Overlays

Say you want to make your own overlay…

It’s simple, just draw the overlay you want to create!

(If you would like more details just PM me)

Cut out overlays

Take a picture of something on a white bg then use and insert the file to remove the background.

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i have medibang you can show me on that i just know how to use ibispaint easier thank you.

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You get rid of the background and save it has a png