How to make overlays move at the same time

i want my overlays to move at the same time how would i get them to do that

@overlay 6424783948349440_SUN shifts to -66 20
@overlay 6424783948349440_SUN scales to 1.364 1.364

@overlay 6424783948349440_DARKSIDEOF shifts to -53 89
@overlay 6424783948349440_DARKSIDEOF scales to 1.331 1.331

@overlay 6424783948349440_THESUN shifts to 1 63
@overlay 6424783948349440_THESUN scales to 1.018 1.018



& and and/AND are good to know so you can make animations happen at the same time ^^

Can read more here: DARA’S GUIDE: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For :wilted_flower: :heart:

Another thing!

Here’s how you’d move an overlay:


@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 220 85 in zone 2 in 1.9

*the overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER will shift (move) to those coordinates (in zone 2) in 1.9 seconds

An example of what the numbers in shift mean:

the x-coordinate is left to right or right to left (higher numbers on right side, think of it like a graph)
the y-coordinate is up, down (higher numbers up, also think of this like a graph)

OK, hope this all helps ^^