How to make polls,blur messages and make summaries

For newcomers on the Episode Forum,Some find it difficult to make a poll or blur a message or even make a summary…Sorry if this kind of thread has been made already.

    Press the settings button which is the last button on the tools box.


This text will be hidden

Then press Hide Details
You’ll see sth like this:

Erase the message in the blue highlights and put your words or pictures there [EASY]

    First press the settings button again


Then write/type your choices or whatever if it is more than one choice then keep pressing the add option button.
If also you want your viewers or episodians to use more than 1 choice then…

Press the settings buttun on the build poll page it is down there (a.k.a the advanced options)
The advance options allow you to add the title of the poll,show who voted or in pie form (YOU’LL SEE)

*Blur sentences
Press the settings button again and click on blur spoiler

You’ll see a line in blue,erase and write your sentence there…


I hope this was useful and if you want to know further how to use The Episode Forum
Press this link and Remember stay safe!

Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2)