How to make something cost diamonds?


How do I make something cost diamonds? Here is the code edit the code for me please?

label choosing_outfit

(What should I wear...)

“Go fancy”{
@YOU walks to screen center in zone 2
@YOU changes into YOU_fancy

“Go casual fancy”{

“Go casual”{


@YOU walks to screen center in zone 1

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

(Do I want to war this one or, choose something else?)

YOU (talk_happy_smile)
Yes this is perfect for finding a home

“Try on something else”{
(I might be over dressing myself)
goto choosing_outfit


You want to make something cost gems?
It’s in the Episode guides-it has many tips there : )
Check out this thread:

Here, it shows you how a gem choice is done : )


@Sydney_H close this please



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