How to make "special scenes"?

So, I’m sure we’ve all seen the ‘‘special scenes’’ that big authors on the app are using, and I’m aware that they are made by very very talented people who sell their art to the authors, but I’d like to start learning how to make things like that. I just got Krita, but I literally can’t figure out anything and the tutorials don’t make sense to me, so do you guys know what programs people who are making the special art scenes are using and if they all cost money, what are some alternatives? :slight_smile:

I use ibispaint :grin:

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I use Paint Tool SAI (which costs money, but there are ways to download it [in an illegal way, but nothing happened to me personally :upside_down_face:] )and if you’re really serious/passionate about it I recommend buying a drawing tablet. There are many tutorials on the internet and if you decide to buy a tablet: exercise, exercise, exercise. Practice makes perfect. :wink:
If Paint Tool SAI isn’t an option, you can try Medibang Paint.
Hope I helped!

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Haha thank you! I think I’ll give Medibang Pant a try.

I might get a drawing tablet lol

That’s awesome! But honestly, you don’t need an expensive one. Even a cheap one will do the job.

Yeah, but I can’t just go tell my parents “I WANT A DRAWING TABLET” and then I just get one, like I’m not rich so I gotta beg, lol.

Practice, just a whole load of practice.
Depending on what kind of scene you are thinking of, your equipment won’t really change the guality too much. It’s nice to have a better program/tablet, but don’t rush into it too much.

And truthfully just watch a ton of tutorials and try them out for yourself, use references as well.
I personally used Krita for a couple years before I started using Photoshop, and it’s a really nice program. Just play around with it a little to get used to it.

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I kinda feel bad because that’s literally what I did :woman_shrugging:t4: not trying to offend anyone or look like a spoiled brat, it was just a joke :v:t4:

Lol. its fine

FireAlpaca is free! And almost as good as Sai!

Yeah, FireAlpaca is fine too. I’ve tried it out but it wasn’t really my thing. :woman_shrugging:t4:
But I guess FireAlpaca would be an option if you don’t have a tablet; I’ve heard they added a tool that imitates pen pressure, which is pretty cool. I admit that FireAlpaca is a liiiiiitle bit easier to use than Paint Tool Sai :wink:

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