How to : make splashes on iphone



So, in this thread, I will be telling you guys how to make your own splash using 2 apps.
You’ll need the following apps:
1)Background Eraser
2) Phonto

So the first thing you want to do is open the background eraser app and insert the image you would like to PNG , then, you’re going to click on target area and target the white area surrounding your character.

Then , you’re going to use the phonto app and click on plain image.
Once you’ve clicked on images you will be redirected to this page right here. Now, this part is optional, if you want to add color to the splash just click on color.

Once you choose your color you’re going to adjust the widthxheight. So click on the 2048x2048 and above that it’ll give you different options to customize your width x height.
But the one you want to click on is : CUSTOM and it looks like this
Now, once you clcik that you want to just type the following in:
Now with that being said, you will click on “Done” and it’ll ask you if you want to use, save, use and save and I usually just click on use.
Then after clicking that you are able to customize your splash.
Here’s one that I just made:

Hope this helps! If you have any questions/comments feel free to comment down below. :arrow_down:

Would anybody be interested in knowing how to make splashes via iPhone? 🤨

I would also like to add in: You are able to download and insert your own fonts in if you download fonts. I recommend using to download fonts, also, if you want to add in a certain picture as the background then use the 640x1136 method that I showed you above and overlap that with the background you chose, and then just adjust that picture so that it fits the 640x1136 size :slight_smile:




Haven’t tired this but it looks easy to understand thank you for sharing. Will try it out.


let me know how it works out for u!


Will do but I only have internet on my laptop :slightly_frowning_face:
As soon as i have internet on my phone i will let you know.