How to make splashes using PowerPoint

Hi, I have seen that a lot of people ask artists to do splashes for their story. I’m writing a story too, and I make the splashes by myself using PowerPoint, and it’s very easy, you just need to know how to use Powerpoint.

1)Step one it’s not very necessary. First, you need to find a background from Internet and download it (or you can choose one from the backgrounds PowerPoint gives you itself.)
2)After you find the background of your choice, go to DESIGN tab and click on the Background Styles group, and insert your background as a style.
3)The rest is simple, you just type what you have to type using Text, and you can also insert text effects to make it more interesting.
4)In the end you save it as a PNG form and you resize it using programs.
The program I use for resizing is and its completely free

I’m sorry if I didn’t explained it well, but English is not my first language and it’ the first time I give tips to someone:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Do you make splash

@linalilly10 Yes, I can make it now if you want, just tell me the background you want, and what do you want me to write. Just give me max 10 minutes.

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Can i see examples

The only examples I have are the one that I use on my story, I never made for someone else.

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Do you want me to show them to you?

Can i still she them

Of course, Just give me a minute

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I just want to say that the ones I made for me, are simple because “heavy” things aren’t my type, I don’t like the tings that are too much.


@linalilly10 of course yours will be better, after all you will be the one choosing the background and the type of text (if you have one in your mind)

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